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Cardiac Patterns provides machine learning based algorithms as a data service to hospital groups helping them expedite urgent cardiac care across their communities, improve health outcomes, and reduce the cost of care.

Founder, key exec, and advisor for early-stage and venture-backed startups • Product and alliance management exec at F500 companies including Microsoft, Intel, and United Technologies.

Ken Pawlak


Dr. John Talieh is a leading thoracic and cardiac surgeon and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Sutter Memorial Medical Center in California. Dr. Talieh specializes in heart value replacements. He graduated with honors from University of Texas Houston Medical School in 1992. Outside of his medical practice, Dr. Talieh is an experienced health-tech entrepreneur bringing innovative surgery lighting devices to market at the dawn of LEDs, advising a number of emerging health-tech startups, and serving as the CMO to Cardiac Patterns.


Dr. John Talieh M.D

Chief Medical Officer

Startup CTO and experienced software developer for medical, security, and military grade products. Project Lead for mobile Health (mHealth) HL7 security working group.

Paul Petronelli